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IL: EB Kennedy Expy from OHare to I-290 / Jane Byrne Interchange (16.60 miles)

Travel Time (minutes)
Current Average Difference Minimum Maximum Sample Days
42.00 27.23 +14.77 15.00 59.00 154

Travel Time (minutes)
Entire Day
Current Average Difference Min Average Max Average Avg Sample Days
42.00 20.05 +21.95 15.93 (8:05AM) 27.68 (3:50PM) 152.7

Most Recent Data: 9/19/2021 2:55:00 PM
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Calculations based on data collected since 09/19/2018

       Current Travel Time: The green line indicates the actual travel time for all samples collected on the date which data was most recently collected. The most recent travel time collected is shown on the chart as a green square. Gaps in the green line indicate no data was recorded for the given time.

       Average Travel Time: The red line indicates the average travel time for all samples ever collected. Gaps in the red line indicate no data has ever been recorded for the given time.

       Normal Range: The yellow fill area indicates the normal range, based on percentiles, of travel time values for the given time period. Current travel times above or below the average are common. Current travel times outside the yellow fill area are less common. Approximately 68% of all travel times will occur within the yellow fill area.

       Avg Overall Travel Time: The blue line indicates the average overall travel time for all the days and times the chart encompasses.

       Speed Thresholds: The dark blue lines indicate speed thresholds. The bottom line indicates the travel time if moving at 55MPH (no traffic congestion). The middle line indicates the travel time if moving at 35MPH (medium traffic congestion). The top line indicates the travel time if moving at 15MPH (heavy traffic congestion).